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Anja didn’t have to wait long for her Wives On Vacation wish to be fulfilled. The two guys changed places, and whilst Klaus took her doggy style, she took Erik’s long, twitching knob In her mouth, and enjoyed the feeling of his soft glans tickling her tonsils. She also enjoyed the flavour of her own love-juice, mixed with the slightly cheesy taste of his penis. She was filled with WivesOnVacation.com rapture – not to mention spunk, as Klaus – who was very worked up – shot his load into her, filling her with thick, creamy sperm.

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The turgid trio on the bed looked like a living sexual WivesOnVacation sculpture. Anja was on all fours, being taken from behind by Erik, and sucking Klaus off at the same time, looking as though she’d been penetrated by one enormously long cock that had entered her through the cunt and exited through her mouth! Anja’s previous sexual experiences had been limited to a few fast, furtive fucks with her equally unexperienced boyfriend. She had never had the chance to enjoy being screwed in peace, and her pleasure was quadrupled by the fact that she also had two dicks at her disposal! Klaus’s prick felt enormous in her mouth, and she could hardly wait to get it buried in her hungry Wives On Vacation mature pussy …

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Patricia didn’t say a word. For one, she didn’t want to spoil Luis’s chances to become a WivesOnVacation star. For another, it’s very difficult to talk with a big prick in one’s mouth! She just got on all fours and enjoyed the feeling of Luis’s organ in her cunt and the taste of Larry’s organ between her lips. And being a true nymphomaniac, she really felt in her element with all that male meat! She could not forget to offer her body for his career. And Larry was very pleased with the arrangement… “This chick is great!” he enthused. “How about a stereo suck, baby!” After Luis had fucked her, Larry wanted her to ride him. She impaled herself on his rigid organ and the next thing she knew, she was in the throes of a gigantic climax. “Make her come once more, Luis!” Larry groaned, and soon, Wives On Vacation Patricia was coming again …

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Larry pointed his cock at Patricia’s face… “Eat my cream, baby!” Patricia from Wives On Vacation growled. “And then I’ll sign the contract!” Seconds later she was devouring his spunk like a hungry cat :) A holiday on Ibiza is always fun, especially for a teenage girl, spending her vacation alone, free from parental restrictions. It was a double pleasure for Anja, a Copenhagen high-school girl, because – coincidentally – Klaus and Erik, two horny studs from her neighbourhood also happened to be spending their Wives On Vacation on the famous island-resort. Anja had hot pants for both of them. As for the boys, they couldn’t wait to find out how “hot” they were!

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They all jumped Into the jeep that Klaus had hired and drove off to the boys’ WivesOnVacation apartment. On the way, Erik couldn’t keep his hands to himself, and began caressing Anja’s breasts. When they arrived, Klaus got an attack of “wandering palms” too, and he and his buddy really familiarised themselves with her gorgeous body, before going inside, to get down to the more serious business of the day. Anja wasn’t wearing any panties, which made Erik’s job that much easier. With a passionate growl, he pulled her on top o< him and slid his pulsing cock into her tight, little quim and began to fuck her hard. Anja moaned and whimpered with WivesOnVacation pleasure as he rubbed her clit at the same time. Klaus had a big, quivering hard-on too, which was just begging to be sucked!

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